Mathematics Of Quizmaster

Author D. Jagan Mohan Rao
Binding Type Paperback
Book Condition Good
Dimensions 21.5 Cms x 14 Cms
Language English
Number of Pages 204
Published Year 2009
Publisher Neelkamal Publications Pvt Ltd
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This book is fodder those who are eager to take on challenges in the field of mathematics. This book is especially useful for students, teachers and those who are preparing for competitive examinations.

The purpose of this book is to cater to the needs of all those students who need to have sharp skills in mathematics This book will be extremely useful to the high school students who are keen on improving their mathematical abilities. The questions and teasers presented in this book, along with the answers, will stimulate the intellectual abilities ofnthe students and will stand them in good stead in all their future assignments.With more than 60 branches in mathematics, some of them too technical and abstract, it is not possible to cover all these branches in a book of this nature. Keeping the needs of the students in mind, the author limited the focus to four basic areas, viz. 1) Arithmetic 2) Higher Arithmetic (Theory of Numbers) 3) Geometry and 4) History of Mathematics. This book is aimed at a)testing one's knowledge in recreational form b) giving supplementary knowledge to the reader c) provoking the reader to think and d) making the reader overcome the fear of mathematics and attract him or her towards the subject.The rich variety of questions that are collected in this book helps in developing proper insight and interest in the teachers and students of not onlmathematics but also other disciplines. The new approach adopted in this book is intended to create interest in mathematics. This book, it is hoped, will inspire and influence the teachers of mathematics to adopt innovative methodsnand techniques in teaching mathematics. I an extremely grateful to Sri Suresh Chandra Sharma, Managing Director, Neel kamal Publications Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad,who inspired me and encouraged me to take up this venture. Any suggestions for the improvement of this book will be acknowledged with thanks.